Friday, 4 November 2016


 I had a couple of hours to spare on Thursday morning and the weather looked OK, so I popped over to Oare Marshes. I'd heard there was a particularly showy couple of Water Rails there and luckily I managed to find them.

 I saw both birds, but one in particular showed really well.

 Some of the time it stayed under the shadow of the small bridge.

But every now and then it ventured out into the better light.

It seemed preoccupied with catching either tiny fish or small insects (or both) from below the surface, it's style very similar to herons and egrets.

I have never had the opportunity of such sustained views of a Water Rail before and was fascinated to watch its behaviour. I was even lucky enough to see it performing its famous squealing call to its mate who was acting like a 'proper' Water Rail and hiding in the reed bed nearby.

I might not get another chance like this so I filled my boots with pics, as you can see.


Wilma said...

Terrific shots! Wonderful timing for you see the one when it was so very active.

Ken. said...

Brilliant close pictures of the Water Rail, Probably something you may never see again. Well worth the trip.

Mike Attwood said...

Hi Phil, Very good shots, last one exceptional.