Monday, 25 October 2010

New Hythe 25th October

I spent 30 or 40 minutes on the southern edge of the sunken marsh talking to Jerry at about 10am this morning. During this time something like 550-600 winter thrushes, almost all Fieldfares I think, made their way along the North Downs and across the Medway valley. Some were in small tight flocks and others were in much bigger looser groups but they were all coming from and heading in much the same direction. Frequent flocks of Starlings were also noted, these were all travelling roughly east to west

Also seen from there were two groups of 5 and 3 Skylarks over and a Green and two Gt Spotted Woodpeckers, all three of which landed on the telegraph poles in the marsh. A single Bullfinch was spotted flying low over the scrub, a Kestrel was hunting close by, a GBB Gull was following the river upstream and a Buzzard, one of two seen today was also drifting along the Downs in the distance. Jerry also added some flyover Redpolls and Linnets before leaving to try and find one or both of the Redshanks which i'd seen earlier before I bumped into him.

Other highlights this morning included two Goldcrests in the bushes at the southern end of the river, which were also seen by Dennis and Doreen. Three more Skylarks flying over and calling at the same vicinity as the Goldcrests. No less than six Little Grebes in two groups of three, seen at the same time in virtually the same place on the river. A large flock of Redwings feeding in the corner of the marsh. A probable second Buzzard which drifted over high but seemed to have too long wings, five or six Lapwings and a Sparrowhawk, which pirouetted in the blue sky with a Carrion Crow, often seeming to be the mobber instead of the mobbed.

All in all a very pleasant morning with 44 species seen. The Bullfinch and the Great Black -Backed Gull being two more additions to the October total which now stands at a surprising 62!
No worthwhile pictures today unfortunately so here's a couple I took earlier in the garden through the window.


Greenie said...

Phil ,
That sunken marsh has certainly been good for you on recent visits .
Read elsewhere that more Fieldfares are being seen than Redwings .
Waxwings coming in now too .
Like the Blue Peter finish .

Warren Baker said...

62 for the month Phil, you said you would like to get 60!

By the way I didn't get 60 species for October until my 5th attempt, but by then I was visiting everyday !

Bob Bushell said...

500 Fieldfare flew onwards, to where. It might be over here, to the southwestern area. Good pictures of the Dunnock.

ShySongbird said...

A very pleasant morning indeed and it is always a pleasure to share your visits Phil :) Nice to see the Dunnock too.

Anonymous said...

The month`s list is ticking along nicely Phil.
Great shots of the Dunnock.