Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Garden Sparrowhawk 27th October

I couldn't get out to see any birds today but luckily I saw this young Sparrowhawk come into the back garden this lunchtime. I grabbed the camera and took these pics through the double glazing and fine drizzle. He made a half hearted attempt to pluck a finch from the feeders but was unsuccessful. I hope he got his lunch but i'm glad it wasn't from my garden.

He perched on a dead branch and stared towards me and I thought, has he got one leg?

The braver birds still risked a quick sunflower heart before diving back to the safety of the Pyracantha bush. While he watched intently, still only one leg!

Then he ruffled his feathers a bit.....................

...........and out popped the other leg.

A quick wing stretch and he was on his way.


ShySongbird said...

Great photos Phil! You really wouldn't want to be a small bird with a face like that looking at you :)

That is exactly how I feel when one visits my garden, I hope against hope it doesn't take any of 'my' birds but then hope it gets a meal somewhere else. Judging by the amount of feathers I've been finding it's been rather successful lately though!

Warren Baker said...

I'm bored of the Sparrowhawk that visits my garden Phil. I say 'visits' but it sits in a large evergreen tree at the end of my garden, and pounces as soon as the finches come in!Its there all day! My 60kg of sunflower hearts has lasted for two months instead of the one, such is the impact of his presence !!

Bob Bushell said...

What a magnificent Sparrowhawk, he comes to where he knows will be an eating place.

Ken. said...

Hi Phil.
Nice Sparrowhawk photo's, but I think that bird is a juvenile, male or female? not sure. The course barring makes me think that.

Phil said...

It is a juvenile Ken for the reason you state. I used the term 'young' as it was obviously hunting independently. I referred to it as him because judging by it's small size, not apparent from the photo's, I think it was a male. Mind you i'm no expert!
Good to hear from you!