Friday, 12 February 2010

Tobago Hummingbirds

I somehow managed to get these little beauties to stay relatively still (apart from their wings of course) for half a nano second. I thought some of our species were pretty active but these take the biscuit, or nectar more appropriately.

I was told by a local that they were Black Throated Mango Hummingbirds but i'm not so sure he was right. The other possibility is Copper Rumped Hummingbird but I'm by no means sure. If anyone can help with a positive identification I'd be pleased to hear from them. Click on the pictures for a closer look.


Warren Baker said...

Glad to see you back in the real world Phil! Cant help with the hummers, bad enough with British birds!

Forest the Bear said...

Nice pics Phil, bet you are feeling the cold!

alan roman said...

Hope you didn't get too sunburnt. May see you at the lakes tomorrow. You didn't miss a thing whilst you were away. Alan