Saturday, 13 February 2010

Trouble in The Tropics

There were quite a lot of birds in the palm trees and shrubs just in front of our balcony so I thought i'd put a piece of Pawpaw or Papaya fruit out to see what I could tempt down. Almost immediately this lizard, which I think may be a Richard's Anole, started to make it's way down from the top of a palm tree, stopping every now and again to nod it's head vigorously and inflate it's bright yellow dewlap for a minute or so, presumably a male territorial sign.

Meanwhile this Palm Tanager or Palmiste as it's known locally in Trinidad and Tobago dropped in for a succulent snack, totally unaware at first that somebody else was in the queue who doesn't do sharing! Palm Tanagers are very common in Trinidad and are becoming more and more so in Tobago. I think they look a bit like Greenfinches and are rather drab compared to a lot of the birds on the island.

Needless to say the 'baby dinosaur' won the day, not surprising really, it must have been like you or I coming up against a Komodo Dragon, no contest really! I could almost hear his lips smacking as he tucked into his prize and in no time at all it was gone.

I may be imagining this but is that a cheeky smile I can see on his face or a self satisfied grin!


Sharon said...

"baby dinosaur" on your balcony, whatever next?!
Cool photos :-)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Phil.
Nice photo's.
I too would be smiling if I suddenly had a new eat in or take away restaurant on my door step, albeit for a short time.By the way, what did you put out for the baby dinosaur's mum??

Forest the Bear said...

Great shots Phil.....I think the baby Dino is eying you up as a potential next meal!! :o^