Tuesday, 1 December 2009

New Hythe December 1st

Forty eight species turned up for my meeting at New Hythe this morning, including this chiffchaff which was feeding busily among a flock of long tailed tits alongside Johnsons lake.

Unfortunately goldcrest, kingfisher, grey wagtail, treecreeper and bittern were among those who sent their apologies, hopefully they'll attend next time.
I started off at Alders lakes where the goldeneye is still in residence and then on to Brookland lake where a kestrel was perched on a telegraph pole, on to the sunken marsh where I was pleased to be able to watch four reed buntings feeding in the reedbed, not an uncommon species I know but quite scarce at New Hythe of late. Also here was a small flock of fieldfare and some redwing in the hawthorns, there were a few little grebe on the river which seem to be increasing here at the moment but no teal seen today, probably because the tide was very high.
The best birds on Abbey Mead lake were three shelduck which I haven't seen since the summer when there was a pair with quite a large brood on the river. East scrub quiet still, with green woodpecker and small flocks of goldfinch feeding on the teasels.
I retraced my steps back over the river and added bullfinch to my list, I never tire of seeing them and they are easier to find now that the leaves have dropped. I decided to pay another quick visit to the river in the hope of finding a redshank, which I did, in fact I found seven of them, certainly the most I have ever seen in one go down here so I was well pleased. The picture is a bit poor but it's the best my Kodak Brownie can do at that range, it actually appears to show six but a couple of minutes later they all went up and I counted seven.

As I walked back towards the car park a small flock of lapwings flew up river and a sparrowhawk was hunting along the side of the lake..........sometimes it's hard to tear yourself away!


Warren Baker said...

Good start to the month phil. Goldcrests are certainly scarce, as you said earlier, non seen here today.

I used to do my birding at newhythe until I moved to hadlow, I used to love walking around that sunken marsh!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Phil
Sorry you dipped out on some of the birds you was hoping to see today. Still a good list all the same. Has the latest rainfall affected the water levels down there? You should see some of the flooded fields on the way to Dunge.
I hope your garden is back to normal today, no dabbling ducks on it.

Phil said...

Hi Warren
Didn't realise you knew New Hythe, the sunken marsh is a good area, especially with the river alongside.

Phil said...

Hi Ken
The levels are rising down New Hythe but thankfully the garden levels are down, for the time being.

alan woodcock said...

Hi Phil,nice Blog,now I can find out what I`ve missed.Alan

Phil said...

Thanks Alan, but I'm sure you don't miss too much!