Monday, 14 May 2012


Family commitments kept me busy at the weekend so a quick visit to New Hythe was in order this morning. I set off in bright conditions but the forecast of deteriorating weather proved to be correct and pretty soon conditions had degenerated to what is beginning to feel like the norm, grey skies and drizzle. 
After my previous success in finding a Downy Emerald dragonfly (my first ever), and my total failure to ID it correctly (I committed the cardinal sin of assumption), I was hoping for more dragonflies and butterflies. I saw absolutely none, so I spent an hour or so peering into the undergrowth looking for, well, anything really.  
The Slow Worm above was found on the east scrub, the cool conditions making it a tad lethargic, gave me the opportunity of a close up. Nice face shame about the tail, or lack of one! The highlights of my other meagre discoveries are pictured below.





You're right, these aren't bugs, they're Swallows resting in a tree alongside Brooklands lake. I took this last week and i've included it because I like it, don't know why, I just do.
Other news is that we have seven Blue Tit chicks in the camera nest box and the Nightingale is still singing just past the bottom of the garden.


Marianne said...

Hey, you didn't do too badly with the insects! But that Slow-worm is a real beauty, I'd love to get a shot like that.

Mike Attwood said...

Capital A for effort Phil.

Greenie said...

Phil ,
I'm sure I saw that Slow Worm on my recent visit .
Like the link from 'cardinal sin' to Cardinal Beetle .
I like your Swallows shot too .
Does the title mean a shift in allegiance to woodworkers now ?

ShySongbird said...

Some lovely sunny (sunny!!!) shots there Phil. A pleasure to look at while the rain pours down and the light has had to be switched on at 2:15 on a May afternoon :-(

I too like the Swallow photo, they are usually whizzing past at high speed when I see them!

Good news on the Blue Tits and I'm so envious about that Nightingale.

Warren Baker said...

At least you got the best of the available weather Phil. Great Slow Worm :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Love the Slow worm Phil what a beauty :-)

Ken. said...

Like the insect photo's, you did well.
Lets hope your Blue Tit chicks are a success. Hope you Nightigale survey is going to plan.

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, marvellous nature. I am greeting

Noushka said...

More discoveries!
A beautiful variety of insects and Swallows!
But the Slow Worm catches my eye: I still have to find one around where I live! :(
Cheers Phil!

Chris said...

Cool for the swallow. Looks like some of them are starting to breed over here ;-) Nice pictures Phil.