Saturday, 7 May 2011


I'd heard that there were some Banded Demoiselles and a Beautiful Demoiselle around the stream that flows quite fast alongside the road at the bottom of Lunsford Lane. This stream actually flows around 'our' lake, which I can't access any more, and then eventually becomes the Millstream in the country park.

Although the sky was grey, it was actually very warm, so Ithought i'd pop down there and see if I could see them.

There were probably half a dozen stunning male Banded Demoiselles along the small stretch of reed fringed water. They weren't very active, but that suited me just fine and I was able to get a few shots of my favourite damselfly.

I also found several of the metallic green females who all seemed to favour the far bank vegetation this afternoon making it difficult to get a close up. They aren't as eye catching as the males I don't think but a nice looking damsel in her own right I think.

Unfortunately there was no sign of the Beautiful Damselfly, although I bumped into Alan Woodcock and he had seen it about 40 minutes earlier. I'll try again tomorrow if I get the chance.

There were a couple of Hairy Hawkers patrolling the stream along with dozens of Blue-tailed Damselflies like the one above. As well as a few like the one below which I presume are the immature form rufescens which IF i'm right will mature as pale brown infuscans-obsoleta according to my book. I find this stuff quite confusing, so please correct me if i'm wrong.


Warren Baker said...

ive seen a few on my patch too Phil, but havn't got a photo yet - just a matter of time though :-)

Greenie said...

Phil ,
Great shots of the Banded Demoiselles . Dull conditions are always good for getting butterfly/odonata shots . Once the suns out , it's much harder work .
Nothing to correct on the Blue-tailed Damselfly front .

John Lambshead said...

Super photos!

Bob Bushell said...

Yeah Phil, you certainly know when and where to see the Banded Demoiselle, great photos.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos Phil! I could almost think it was mid Summer with all those damsels. I haven't seen many yet, mind you I'm a bit wary of watery places after being confined to barracks for two weeks after another vicious bite from the Blandford Fly :(

I like the Banded Demoiselle too, our local canalside is a good place for them here.

Jason K said...

Nice Demoiselle photos Phil

Paul said...

Hi Phil, some nice Demoiselle shots there mate, excellent to see the females too.

Nelsonlanka said...

Fascinating shots Phil.