Saturday, 26 March 2011


I had a text from Jerry Warne this morning just before 9am to say he'd found four Little Gulls on Brookland Lake. I had no intention of going down to the lakes today but this would be a first ever for me at New Hythe, so with wet hair and yesterdays whiskers, I hit the ground running. Eddie and David were in the car park enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee when I arrived and they assured me that the Gulls were still present on the far side of the lake, or had been a couple of minutes earlier when they left them. I've heard this before of course 'you should have been here earlier', but thankfully they were indeed still there.

They were easy to pick out from the many Black-headed Gulls on the lake, the smaller size and graceful, Tern like flight gave them away. But the most noticeable difference was the dark underwing of the Little Gulls which stood out like a sore thumb as they delicately picked insects from the surface film of the water.

So the NH year list moves on to 79 species, but it should have been 80. Some time later I received another text, this one from Martin Warburton to say he had just seen a Red Kite drift over Alders Lake in a SW direction and straight over 'our' lake at home. Despite a dash out to the garden I was too late, what a shame! Still, you can't win them all, and it's only March, plenty of time yet to fly a Kite over the lakes.


Mike Attwood said...

I will have to see if I can arrange a kite for you Phil.

Warren Baker said...

That Kite will turn up come May Phil :-)

But what a bird to see on your patch - Little Gull! Swap that for fridays Black Redstart :-)

Greenie said...

Phil ,
Only one thing could beat the shot of the Little Gull on today's blog , and that would have been a shot of the author adorned in 'wet hair and yesterday's whiskers' . I'd pay good money yo see that one .
Well done with the Gulls , shame about the Red Kite .

Bob Bushell said...

Nice to find on your patch, the Little Gull is beautiful, and, it would nice to find it, the first on my blog.

Kieron said...

Hi Phil,
I took a stroll around the lakes this morning with my wife before a visit to Tesco. Four gulls flew over and I said to my wife "They looked like terns but that would be a bit odd", the light came on as I read your blog. No kite for me though. I will post my photos in a short while.

Paul said...

Hi Phil, nice sighting of the Gulls there. That Red Kite gets about a bit, Id love to see it again.

ShySongbird said...

Well done with the Little Gulls Phil! Bad luck about the Kite though. I suspect it won't be long before you get your own private view of them :)