Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Well I did manage to get out this morning, it was still grey, still windy and finger numbing cold. But I did manage to see eight new species for the month, the first being a surprise Little Egret on the millstream, haven't seen one there for a long time. Don't you just love those yellow feet!

I had another look on Streamside lake and lo and behold there was the Red-head Smew (below) which I failed to find yesterday. Mind you i'm not surprised because five minutes after taking the photo I couldn't relocate it.

The Smew seems to be able to disappear at will, just like the Goosander (below) which again wasn't found yesterday but did make an appearance today, she was very vocal too, probably indignation at being found hiding in the margins. What a great bird though, I love the punky hairstyle, just like mine first thing in the morning! Soon after seeing the Goosander a Kingfisher flew along the side of Streamside which was another welcome addition to the March list.

It was still uncomfortable at the riverside wood, with the strong north easterly blowing straight across the river. But it was worth the quick visit to add Gadwall, Song Thrush and two noisy Redshanks who zigzagged downstream calling all the time and flying in perfect formation. The last bird addition to the list was a Kestrel who perched in a tree adjacent to the railway line and bought my list so far to 42.

My only other sightings in the two hour visit was a Stoat, who refused to be taken in by my vole in distress call, I must be losing my touch, and the small flowers below which were growing along side the lake which I think are Sweet Violets.


Warren Baker said...

Smew and redshank, they would do me nicely here Phil :-) Looks like you're going to get a good monthly haul for march, even with your holiday!

Ken. said...

Hi Phil.
Glad to see your now well enough to get back on track with the local patch, it would have been a lovely day if it hadn't been for that wind.
Nice shot of the L/Egret in flight.

Ken. said...

I wouldn't go to Tobago if I was you Phil, I hear there are a couple of strange things over there, one is 'Sun', and the other one is 'Heat' careful :-)

Mike Attwood said...

Hi Phil, I'd be interested to know what a vole in distress sounds like and how you got to know.

ShySongbird said...

Love the post title Phil :) Oh my, that wind was cruel!! I'm confused now and don't know if I saw a Red-head Smew or Red-head Goosander in the bad light, both of which were present where I was today!

Those are the first Violets I have seen this year, what a lovely, welcome sight :)