Thursday, 23 December 2010


I had a call from Dennis Capeling this afternoon about 2 o'clock to say he'd just seen a Waxwing at New Hythe along the Brook House entrance track. Alan Woodcock also saw a flock in Snodland , just along the road. How could I resist? I drove to Brook House but couldn't find anywhere to park, I wasn't sure what was private and I didn't fancy getting clamped or towed this close to Christmas. Only one thing for it, park at Tesco's and walk, which I did.

It was absolutely freezing, with the Northerly wind whipping across the East scrub straight off the North Downs, I was even forced to put my hat on!

By 2.30 the light was fading fast and all I could make out were Redwings and Goldfinches, most birds seemed to be flying off to roost out of the bitter cold. If there was a Waxwing there I couldn't find it and I don't know now when I can get back down there.

I walked back to the car park via the lakeside path where I was accompanied by a flock of Long tailed Tits and a few small parties of Chaffinches. The lake is still solidly frozen and I could make out a few Coots standing hunched on the ice, their lot is not a happy one at the moment. The highlight of my very short trip was a close fly past by the local Whooper Swan, such an elegant bird and a real treat to see at any time. He circled a couple of times trying to find somewhere to touch down but without success, last seen heading for Johnson's lake. So, no Waxwings for me today, there's still time, I just don't know when yet.

In the meantime, I wish all fellow bloggers and all readers of this blog, a very merry and warm Christmas and a happy new year.


Anonymous said...

A merry christmas & a happy new year to you too Phil.
Hope you strike lucky with the Waxwings soon. Don`t think they`ll be going anywhere in a hurry.

Greenie said...

Phil ,
I suppose your our luck had to run out sometime .
I suppose it was inevitable too , that we would both post Robins .
All the best to yourself and Carol for Christmas and the New Year .

Warren Baker said...

Much the same here with the Waxwings Phil. They are all around, but not on my patch!

Enjoy your christmas mate :-)