Tuesday, 23 November 2010

100 Not out!


At 3 o'clock this afternoon I saw Alan Woodcock's latest post mentioning Slavonian Grebe and two Redhead Goosanders on Brooklands lake this morning. I'd already heard of a possible Slavonian Grebe there a couple of days ago but thought it had moved on or was a false alarm.

After being stuck in all morning while an engineer failed to fix our central heating I decided to dash down and see if I could find both species before it got dark. I couldn't find any Goosanders but I did have good views of the Grebe, but I couldn't get a picture as the light was fading fast.

This is my 100th species at New Hythe this year and what a great bird to do it with, i've only ever seen a couple down at Dungeness and this is my first at New Hythe. Ideally i'd like to get back down there tomorrow to try for a picture and to check the other lakes in case the Goosanders are still local, but the engineer is coming back tomorrow morning , typical!
In the meantime there's a photo of the Slavonian Grebe on Alan's blog. Just click on his name above to visit.


Warren Baker said...

Blinding bird to bring up the ton Phil, excellent! Look forward to some pics.

ShySongbird said...

Well done on the 100th Phil! A great bird to do it with too. There was one at Draycote a few weeks ago but I wasn't able to get there :(

Greenie said...

Phil ,
Well done on the ton , never doubted it .
Hope you get the Goosanders too .

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Phil. That`s a species that i`ve been hoping graces my patch.

Chris said...

Wow 100 species! Here I'm struggling to go above 70! Lucky you ;-)