Saturday, 16 October 2010

Berried Treasure

A sudden burst of sunshine tempted me to grab the camera and sit at the patio doors for an hour or so garden watching this morning.

Most of the action centred around the Pyracantha bush with as many as six Blackbirds at one time all feasting on it's obviously very tasty orange berries.

This ones preferred approach was to eye up a particularly juicy looking berry then jump up and deftly pluck it from the prickly bush and swallow it at leisure on the ground. It did this about half a dozen times before flying off and then returning some time later for another go.

The youngster in the next three pics preferred the safety of the inside of the bush. First hopping onto the lower branches and then disappearing inside. And then popping out of a convenient window where he could lunch in leisure and watch the rest of the bird world go by.

The Pyracantha is also the main residence of our House Sparrow colony. They love it, it's close to the feeders and they can dive back in when the local Sparrowhawk drops by looking for lunch.

I hadn't noticed them eating berries before but their strategy was to sit on the outer edges of the bush and find the ripest, softest berries and just peck away at them. Only stopping occasionally to wipe away the juicy flesh that stuck to their bills.

Another visitor to the table was the Woodpigeon below who was too big and heavy to get on or in the bush so he just stretched up and ponderously plucked the fruit from the lowest branches.

And lastly, and surprisingly, was this little Blue Tit. I've never seen them eating berries before. I think this one watched everyone else having a feast and couldn't resist having a little try himself. He pecked away at a soft berry for a little while but I don't think he was very impressed. He very soon went back to his usual lunch........ and so did I.


Bob Bushell said...

Cor, what a lot of birds all feeding on the orange berries, I couldn't use its name, something with a P.

Anonymous said...

Well captured shots Phil.

Greenie said...

Phil ,
Now that's what I call bird watching -
in the warm with a cuppa at hand .
Great shots .

ShySongbird said...

Delightful photos Phil! I particularly liked the 4th and 5th ones from the top and the last with the Bluetit.

I have noticed the Woodpigeons are very ingenious and will try and reach the most unlikely places by stretching :)

Warren Baker said...

Keep an eye on that bush Phil. winter thrushes, Mistle Thrushes and Blackcaps will be on it when it gets colder. I wont even mention the Waxwing....oops I did :-)