Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Garden Chiffchaffs 21st September

I do get Chiffchaffs in the garden now and then, there are often one or two in the lakeside trees down the bottom of the garden. I was more than a bit surprised today though when I counted a minimum of five and possibly as many as eight in the garden, feeding earnestly, doubtless to fuel the long migration ahead.

I took the photos in relatively cloudy conditions this afternoon, the sun did come out later but unfortunately they'd moved on. I couldn't decide which pictures to use so i've posted quite a few of them i'm afraid. It's a bit indulgent but you never know when the opportunity will present itself again do you?


Warren Baker said...

........and they are good photo's Phil! I had two in the garden on sunday

ShySongbird said...

They are beautiful, Phil... every one of them! How lucky you are to get Chiffchaffs in your garden, they are out of the question in mine :(

I also enjoyed the previous post (you were to quick for me) and well done with the White Rumped Sandpiper, the Clouded Yellow and the Bearded Tit none of which I have ever seen, mind you I have never seen a lot of the waders you mentioned either!

Greenie said...

Phill ,
Cracking shots from the garden .
Especially like the last one .

Adam said...

Great photos Phil, I had an amazing 12 Chiffchaffs in a single 50m stretch of hedgerow this evening as I cycled home - obviously a local fall. Adam

Marianne said...

Fantastic shots! We have been knee-deep in Chiffchaffs at Sevenoaks lately.