Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wednesday 12th May


Just a short visit to New Hythe today. I set off from the car park with the sun shining intermittently and a much gentler wind than yesterday. I made my way quickly round to the sunken marsh pausing only to scan Brooklands lake for Hirundines which were few and far between, the downside of sunshine and higher cloud no doubt. The tide was in and consequently the river was high, not good for any waders but I did see one Oystercatcher flying fast and low down the river, calling loudly in it's usual fashion. In contrast two Bullfinches flew silently out of the sunken marsh, the first i've seen for a while.

As I continued my walk along I noticed a bird flying low through the sunken marsh I first thought it was a bird of prey but it was actually a Cuckoo, at the same time I heard one calling from further upstream, confirming the presence of two in this area. I did then see a bird of prey flying from Abbey Mead, I immediately thought of Hobby but realised straight away that it was a Kestrel, dead giveaway when they hover! Songsters along the river consisted of Blackcap, Whitethroat, Reed Warbler, Chiffchaff and Wren. I didn't hear Nightingale or Cetti's Warbler and frustratingly no Turtle Doves purring.


I stopped for a while at the Heronry, some of the youngsters look as if they will fly soon if they haven't already done so. As I walked on I glanced up and was surprised and pleased to see a Hobby fly over the river from the far bank, it actually flew straight over my head giving excellent but brief views of white cheeks and moustache. About time too!

This will be my last post for a while as I am off to the Isle of Mull and the Lake District for 10 days on friday. I look forward to regaling you with stories of Eagles, Otters and Basking Sharks, among other things, on my return.



Ken Browne. said...

Hi Phil.
I expect to see that camera of yours working overtime throughout your 10 day holiday.
I do envy you. Can't wait to see your shots of the W/T/Sea Eagles.
You and Carol have a great time.

Warren Baker said...

well done with the Hobby Phil. Brings your year list in line with mine. Enjoy the Hols :-)

Steve said...

Have a great time on Mull Phil - one of my favourite places....have you seen these?

alan woodcock said...

I expect to see some good pics of Sea Eagles on your Blog when you return,have a great time.

ShySongbird said...

What an impressive photo of the Cormorant, Phil. I loved the family of Herons too! I still haven't heard a Cuckoo.

I inadvertently missed commenting on your last post but have enjoyed reading it and was impressed with your capture of the Swallow in flight, fiendishly difficult, I find!

I am very envious of your holiday, it should be wonderful and I look forward to seeing your account of it. Have a great time :)