Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Visitors

It's been quite a busy Easter holiday, some of which was spent entertaining people and some of which was spent being entertained by visitors of the natural kind in the garden today.
This Fox, which I think is a male but i'm not 100% sure, visited last night at about 10pm and then came back this morning at about 8am and made himself at home for the next half an hour or so.

He gave the impression that he'd had a hard nights foraging, maybe for the cubs, and now this was his time. Time for a good scratch, time for a sunbathe and time for a nap.
I was a bit disappointed that he stayed right down the bottom of the garden as I would have liked a few close up shots. He looked very healthy though, nice shiny coat and a nice shiny nose, in his prime i'd say.

These Jackdaws have just started visiting the garden in the last week or two. I see them every day flying to and fro from the trees at the bottom of the garden to the chimney pots of the Victorian cottages to the front. It's the fat balls they are after but they are very wary, the slightest movement inside the house sends them off in a panic. I had to hide behind the blinds to get these pictures and even then they soon spotted me.

I like Jackdaws, I like their grey eyes and their grey hoods and of course they are very intelligent birds, nothing seems to escape their attention, especially cameras!

The Chiffchaff above has been singing away in the trees down by the lake for a week or so now but I was really pleased to see it come into the garden today, luckily I had the camera to hand to record the occasion, he was much more obliging than the Jackdaws and seemed to revel in the attention, the little show off.


Sharon said...

How fantastic that you have a fox in your garden! Lovely photos of him chilling out.
We also used to get Jackdaws trying to balance on the fat ball feeder - it was quite amusing watching them clinging on clumsily. I love their steely eyes.

Greenie said...

Phil ,
Know what you mean about Jackdaws , they are nesting in many chimneys in ours , and surrounding streets . In all , there must be 100/150 , and when they all decide to get into the air together , it's quite a sight , and noisy .
I take it your description of the Fox woulf fit yourself too !

Warren Baker said...

Nice garden collection Phil,if a fox came into my garden, I wouldn't even need a zoom lens, my gardens that small!