Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dungeness 21st April


I arrived at the Dungeness ARC site at 0915 this morning, it was gloriously sunny but quite cool. A welcoming party of Sedge Warblers greeted me with their chattering jumble of a song and their parachuting display flight above the brambles. This was to be the format for the rest of the day as Dungeness RSPB is currently home to dozens of these garrulous little summer migrants.


Along the path to the Hanson hide was this Coot busily attending to her very young and strange looking brood.


Marsh Harrier, Blackcap and a single Snipe were also seen here. Over the road in the Reserve I found a single Whimbrel which was too far away to be photographed, this is a first for me so I made a point of getting someone to confirm the ID although I was pretty sure of it. I also found two Ringed Plover in the flooded meadows but again distance was against me. My next find was a Wheatear which thankfully was in range. I think these are great birds and so photogenic, they have big eyes which I think makes it easier to to capture some character and they stand so upright which to me makes them look a bit inquisitive.


While scanning the field behind the flooded meadow I caught a glimpse of these two Brown Hares, always nice to see, shame they weren't a bit closer.


I apologise for indulging in more shots of Sedge Warblers but they really were the stars of the show today and I think they deserve an extra bit of coverage. I haven't entirely ruled out the possibility of a few more yet so be warned!




In the field alongside the return path I saw this lamb which had literally just been born. It's mum cleaned him up and then I watched him take the first few teetering, wobbly steps of his new life.


This little chap has obviously never seen a Carrion Crow before, it must be quite frightening as it's nearly as big as him.

On the way out of the reserve I stopped to see if I could find an elusive Tree Sparrow, just to make a change from Sedges and Sheep. I was lucky enough to find this male helping out with the nest building down at the farm, trouble is they're nesting alongside a pair of Kestrels, could be dodgy I fear.


One last visit to the ARC site revealed two more species, the first was this very handsome Great Crested Grebe.............................................................................



And the second was none other than Ken Browne of Halling fame, who had also decided to pay a visit to good old Dungie today. Nice to see you Ken!


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Phil.
I might be a strange species, there's not many like me around......BUT you can't add me to your days list!
Some nice photo's there Phil, I especialy like the 1st G/C/Grebe shot. I didn't see the Tree Sparrow, but you got a nice shot of one.
As for the Sedge's, how can you get fed up with seeing them, there not here that long, are they?
Good to see you today my friend

Greenie said...

Phil ,
Some cracking shots there .
The Tree Sparrow with the nesting material is my favourite .

Warren Baker said...

Great light on those sedgie photo's Phil. A nice series of shots :-)