Sunday, 7 March 2010

Camera Practise

I didn't have much chance to get out over the weekend, plus it was ffffreezing in that horrible Easterly wind so I had a little bit of camera practise from the comfort of the dining room. Yes, I know i'm a wimp but my boots did need to dry out!







Greenie said...

Phil ,
I thought you people were hard in your part of the world .
That Dunnock looks a noisy individual .

Warren Baker said...

You won't find the raraties if you're sitting in the dinning room phil!

New boots needed ;-)

Forest the Bear said...

I think you have more than got the hang of the new camera Phil, a lovely set of shots!

Phil said...

Greenie. Hard up is more like it! The Dunnock was a noisy individual,that's why I shot it, with a camera of course.

Warren. You're right and the real reason was in the interests of domestic harmony, but that's strictly between you and me you understand...........

FB I'm only too aware that it's more difficult when you're up to your ankles in mud and undergrowth but thanks for the compliments anyway, always appreciated.

Simon said...

Beautiful Dunnock photo - great detail and lovely background colours.