Saturday, 27 February 2010

Garden Birds 27th February

I couldn't get out today so I thought I'd have a play with the camera through the patio doors this morning.

Even though the light was pretty dim there was enough to show the fantastic plumage and the subtle colours that are so easily overlooked on the humble Starling.

I particularly like the shades of green that show up so well in this shot.

I just hope it doesn't wash off!

This is one of a pair of Long Tailed Tits which have been almost resident in the garden recently. I hope this means that they are planning on nesting nearby or in the garden in the near future.

This shot highlights the pinkish white underparts of the adult birds.

Nice to see a few Greenfinches in the garden today, there were four at one time which is quite good for here, although I struggled to get a decent picture. Some birds don't take take any notice of me standing at the patio doors but others are off like a shot as soon as I move, Greenfinches being one of them today.

This is a picture of a twig, I was just about to press the shutter when this Collared Dove got in on the shot!


Warren Baker said...

I had a play with my camera in the garden today too Phil. I think you should get bigger feeders, :-)

Sharon said...

Glad to see I'm not the only twig enthusiast - damn birds keep getting in the way though! :-)

Forest the Bear said...

Love the shot of the Starling in the bath... at least the Dove was in focus, I just get crystal clear shots of bark & buds!!