Wednesday, 16 December 2009

New Hythe 16th December

I met Alan Woodcock ( in the car park this morning, he was finishing his shift around the lakes as I was starting mine. He advised me that it was pretty quiet all round although he had found the redpoll flock again as he mentions on his blog (super photo too), so I wasn't expecting too much. These are the highlights:-
Reed bunting NW corner of Brooklands, six lapwing on the far bank of the river (don't usually see them on the deck here), green sand over the sunken marsh/Brooklands, five redshank along the river, one chiffchaff and one kingfisher west bank of streamside lake. Forty two species in all but who's counting...........


alan woodcock said...

Phil,notice you keep seeing a Green Sandpiper along the river,I havn`t connected yet but I did see one during the autumn on the scrape over quite a long period.Alan.

Phil said...

Hi Alan, saw two flying over last week when I was with Terry Laws, and a single bird today, I also saw the long stayer on the scrape when the levels were down. Funnily enougn the bird today flew across brookland lake in the general direction of the scrape. By the way I couldn't locate the redpolls today.